Protect Norwalk Harbor

Join with us to help save and preserve the Harbor for all. The State DOT needs to hear from residents, visitors, and businesses that the historical vibrancy of our harbor is threatened by inattention to the details we know are important to the long-term sustainability of our harbor.

Norwalk Harbor Keeper

Help Protect Norwalk’s Harbor

We have called upon the State of Connecticut Department of Transportation and Federal Transit Authority to reexamine their plans for the Walk Bridge replacement project. They have failed to properly assess simpler, lower cost alternatives that would have a lower impact to the local environment. 
To that end, we started a petition at
We are asking local residents, taxpayers, commuters, boaters, and anyone else impacted by this disruptive project to step forward and raise their voice.
The lift bridge replacement plan is costly and disruptive.
The State and FTA have not properly evaluated fixed bridge alternatives. This violates federal environmental assessment rules under the National Environmental Policy Act.
The State makes sweeping claims about boat traffic on the upper river that it has not fully assessed, including looking at reasonable accommodations of boats that might be effected by fixed bridge alternatives.
We believe community anger is substantial and growing. Norwalk residents and other Connecticut taxpayers feel their questions and their views about the Walk Bridge have been ignored by the State, and that the State has not been forthcoming with information about its plans.












Use your voice. Be heard.